A Teacher’s Perspective: Preparing for SBAC

By: Ashley Martin

My name is Ashley Martin and I’m third grade teacher at Robert Sanders Elementary School in San Jose, CA. This is my fourth year teaching and my first year using Sokikom.

We are currently winding down to the end of the SBAC testing season and I must say that Sokikom has made my students and I feel more confident about this years Math test.

One of the biggest aspects that have kept me engaged with Sokikom is its use of skills needed for the SBAC. Last year, I found it challenging to show my students how to maneuver math tools on a computer in a fun an engaging way. These skills, as most of us know, are essential for students to complete the Math portion of the SBAC. Once we started using Sokikom I immediately saw the use of math tools and how my students were moving blocks, rulers, and fractions on a number line with excitement.

In Rm 12, Sokikom is used as an essential lesson in our current subject of learning. We use Sokikom 1-2 times a week and focus on the area (or “island”) that we are currently learning in class. This allows my students to use the skills learned in class and apply them to a differentiated way of showing understanding. While using Sokikom, we have set times for lessons, rotations, team games, and shopping.

As a teacher, I’m constantly looking for data that helps me determine my student’s areas of need. Sokikom has these tools broken down by standards and students growth. It’s easy to read, is updated with every use, and is parent friendly.

My students absolutely love Sokikom because it feels like a game to them. They enjoy their avatars, the leveled games, the earning of money and the feeling of success after they’ve completed a level. It is always the first thing students show our families and visitors when they come to our class.

After several practice rounds of the SBAC, I can see my students confidence in knowing that they’ve learned the skills needed to be successful for the test.This, along with the abilities to see my students area of need and show their growth are just a few of the reasons why I love Sokikom.



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