Introducing a nuevo way to use Sokikom!

You asked for it and we listened, introducing: Sokikom en Español! We love receiving feedback from parents, teachers, principals, even superintendents and at Sokikom we take your suggestions to heart which is why after receiving several requests for Sokikom in Spanish we are excited to deliver the service to you.

Screenshot (1)

We launched several Spanish pilot programs in October and since then we have received positive feedback from our users! Many teachers are finding the Spanish program extremely helpful with their English Language Learners (ELLs). Often times ELLs have a tough time keeping up in the classroom, not because they don’t understand the material, more often than not it is simply an issue with the language barrier. With our Spanish version your students are able to read directions, watch videos, and even complete assignments completely in Spanish. It is a extremely effective measure of your ELLs ability to grasp concepts.

Sokikom in Spanish is a great way to get parents involved. Common Core curriculum is difficult enough for parents to understand, throw in a language barrier and you’re in for a major roadblock. We’ve got your covered, and have a Parent Letter translated in Spanish for you to send home with your students when you first start incorporating Sokikom in the classroom. After you do that, start assigning homework via Sokikom. Parents will be able to see and understand what their child is learning in the classroom, and we can all agree, there’s nothing better than parent engagement!

To start utilizing Sokikom in Spanish, simply log into your Sokikom Teacher Account and follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your class
  2. Click “Manage Students”
  3. Find the students listed that you would like to use Sokikom in Spanish
  4. Click on “English” and watch the bar slide over to “Spanish”

Y ahora...Individual students can begin using Sokikom in Spanish to understand the universal language of math!

For more information on incorporating Sokikom into your classroom reach out to a member of our School Transformation Team.

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